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The Shutter: Madre's Is No More

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Photo via TMZ, obvs.

In the not-so-shocking Shutter news today: Jennifer Lopez's Madre's restaurant is "closed until further notice" as of July 1. This, of course, was J.Lo's quasi-Puerto Rican restaurant that she opened in a sleepy corner of the Lake Avenue district in Pasadena in 2002 (the Ben Days); an odd choice, for sure. With lackluster reviews but a pretty steady stream of people who wanted to taste what they thought J.Lo eats, Madre's lasted much longer than anyone, even J.Lo herself, anticipated. Of course, we can't help but wonder the last time she actually stepped foot in the restaurant. Madre's hasn't been without controversy: A couple years ago, we caught a PETA protest (for another blog) outside the restaurant, with nasty video footage and all, and the diva tried to sue an ex-husband and ex-manager of the restaurant over some tell-all book. We don't know why it closed and really don't know who can tell us, per the outgoing message: "Please do not leave a message as there is no one here to call you back." Story developing.
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