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Eater StarWatch: Alton Brown at Mozza, John Krasinksi at Animal, JT and Jessica at Beso and MORE

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Welcome back to the Eater StarWatch where you out the celebs seen dining around town. Have a new sighting to share? The lines are always open. "Starwatch" in the subject line helps.

THE MOZZAS: From a reader: "I was leaving Pizzeria Mozza last night (7/30) as Alton Brown was about to walk in. However, his companion told him 'No, that's the Pizzeria, we want the Osteria tonight.' So they walked on a bit down the sidewalk and walked into the Osteria next door." [StarWatch Inbox]

STARBUCKS: Eddie Steeples (thanks IMDB), the "black dude on My Name Is Earl" was spotted at the Sunset and Gower location today. "Hard to miss the fro" says the tipster. [StarWatch Inbox]

BESO: All sorts of celeb watching in Hollywood a couple Wednesdays ago (7/23): Eric LaSalle (former ER doc) spotted, plus Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel smmooching at a table on the balcony in between bites of steaks and tacos. The Hills Lauren Conrad was also in again. [StarWatch Inbox]

ANIMAL: Office star John Krasinksi, unshaven (hey, it's animal), ballcap, joined a group for a little party (7/12). [Defamer]

JOE'S: Entourage ring leader Adrien Grenier making out with some model looking chick outside the Abbot Kinney restaurant. "He had her pushed up against a wall and they were all over each other." [Defamer]

EL TORO CANTINA: Fromer 90201er Luke Perry was spotted at the Miracale Mile cantina with a pretty brunette. Even in sweatpants (disappointing!), "he still looks amazing, not gonna lie." [Defamer]

BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL: The hidden Coffee Shop once again a magnet: Seal sans Heidi Klum, real estate reality stars John Berschi and Kurt Rappaport. Jack Osborn also poked his head in but didn't want to wait for a seat. [Defamer]

JUMPIN' JAVA: Teen queen Amanda Bynes had breakfast at the Studio City cafe a few Saturdays agao (7/19). "Her friends barely got any words in, she didn't stop talking." [Defamer]

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