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Eater StarWatch: Alton Brown at Mozza, John Krasinksi at Animal, JT and Jessica at Beso and MORE

Welcome back to the Eater StarWatch where you out the celebs seen dining around town. Have a new sighting to share? The lines are always open. "Starwatch" in the subject line helps.

THE MOZZAS: From a reader: "I was leaving Pizzeria Mozza last night (7/30) as Alton Brown was about to walk in. However, his companion told him 'No, that's the Pizzeria, we want the Osteria tonight.' So they walked on a bit down the sidewalk and walked into the Osteria next door." [StarWatch Inbox]

STARBUCKS: Eddie Steeples (thanks IMDB), the "black dude on My Name Is Earl" was spotted at the Sunset and Gower location today. "Hard to miss the fro" says the tipster. [StarWatch Inbox]

BESO: All sorts of celeb watching in Hollywood a couple Wednesdays ago (7/23): Eric LaSalle (former ER doc) spotted, plus Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel smmooching at a table on the balcony in between bites of steaks and tacos. The Hills Lauren Conrad was also in again. [StarWatch Inbox]

ANIMAL: Office star John Krasinksi, unshaven (hey, it's animal), ballcap, joined a group for a little party (7/12). [Defamer]

JOE'S: Entourage ring leader Adrien Grenier making out with some model looking chick outside the Abbot Kinney restaurant. "He had her pushed up against a wall and they were all over each other." [Defamer]

EL TORO CANTINA: Fromer 90201er Luke Perry was spotted at the Miracale Mile cantina with a pretty brunette. Even in sweatpants (disappointing!), "he still looks amazing, not gonna lie." [Defamer]

BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL: The hidden Coffee Shop once again a magnet: Seal sans Heidi Klum, real estate reality stars John Berschi and Kurt Rappaport. Jack Osborn also poked his head in but didn't want to wait for a seat. [Defamer]

JUMPIN' JAVA: Teen queen Amanda Bynes had breakfast at the Studio City cafe a few Saturdays agao (7/19). "Her friends barely got any words in, she didn't stop talking." [Defamer]