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Oh, Goa Really Does Want to Be a Restaurant Now

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Photo by Thomas Hencz

Now the texts touting "best in the city" sushi at Goa make sense: Michael Sutton, Adolofu Suaya and Ted Fujita are, in fact, trying to remake what's been widely perceived as a nightclub into a restaurant. And just as suspected, it's because police and fire department crews have been called in "over concerns about crowds exceeding capacity and concerns that Sutton and the other owners are operating the business in ways that conflict with their current license," says the LAT. The team will work with designer Kris Keith to reconfigure the space, add more dining tables and put one big booth in the middle of a room that's often "misinterpreted" for a dance floor. Sutton says: "Our problems are a consequence of our own success. Because we are so hot, along with that comes a lot of scrutiny from the city." Wonder if they'll still kick people out of those new dining tables at 10pm?
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