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BREAKING: Doughboys Highland Shuttered?

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In less than 12 hours, we've heard from several sources that Doughboys on Highland, which just opened last year, is possibly shuttered. From one tipster:

"We're friends with our waiter from Doughboys. He's been the only reason we've continued to go there and he has long commiserated with us on how it has been circling the drain. Well, he just sent me a message a few minutes ago to say Doughboys has shut down. He referred to it 'having fallen apart', so it doesn't sound like a Health Department shut-down, but rather an out-of-business closure."
We are yet to confirm any of this because no one answers the phone at the Highland location, but they've definitely had issues before. The 3rd Street location has been closed for some time now, and as for that satellite Doughboys on Wilshre next to the El Rey, still no phone listed. UPDATE: Just tried to call the Highland location and the phone is disconnected. It's official.
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