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Adventures in Marketing: Cefiore Video Contest

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Well, you knew this would happen sooner or later. Cefiore is trying their hand a little viral marketing by launching a video contest. Prove how much you love Cefiore on YouTube, win $2,500 and free frozen yogurt for a year. Some rules:

· The video must be between 30 to 60 seconds max (no froyo opus, please)
· No brand names or trademarks other than Cefiore (sorry, no Ed Hardy T's)
· "Must keep with Cefiorie's image" (sorry, no Paris sex tape-type antics)
· Only Cefiore’s theme song or your own original music allowed (sorry, no Kanye)
· No copying or plagirizing from any source (sorry, no "swirly bliss" references)

Videos will be judged on 30% creativity, 40% on how well it communicates the Cefiore brand, and 30% overall appeal. Granted, the money would be nice but who can eat that much froyo?

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