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Dear Eater: What Should I Wear to AWFF?

Dear Eater: I’m a daily reader of your blog, I just love it. I hope you can help me with a question about the Food Festival in September at Universal. What do people wear? I mean I know I should probably wear something with an elastic waist, but is it dressy? -- Melissa

Thanks for reminding us that the American Wine & Food Fest is coming up, Melissa. It's been a month since tickets went on sale and only a month away, so it's definitely time to start strategizing. First and foremost, the best piece of advice we can give is about shoes: Leave the Christian Louboutins at home. The event takes place over a large portion of the baklot with twists and turns, cobblestones, pavement and just a lot of walking. Tight clothing will only inhibit you from hitting the Summer Shack for fried clams more than once, so go loose. It's just a big backyard party and some are a bit dressier than others (i.e. Barbara Lazaroff's head-to-toe sparkle outfits), but wear anything you feel comfortable in at either of the Mozzas or Comme Ca. Do dress for longevity, however. Oh, and watch the whites---people get a little sloshy around those red wine tables. (AWFF takes place on Saturday, Sept. 27 at the Universal Backlot; tickets are still available.)
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