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Hangover Observations: Lucques Ribfest VIII

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Can you have a meat hangover? That's pretty much the consensus after last night's family-style ribfest at Lucques. Much like the Hungry Cat Crabfest, the deal is almost all-you-can-eat for $45; they just throw a pile of food on the table and everyone digs in. Lamb, pork and beef ribs, spicy chicken wings, corn on the cob, amazing greens, baked beans, grilled corn bread, cole slaw, with requests for extras quickly fulfilled. The meat was an impressive mound and overall very tasty, even if a bit dry. You could smell the smoke all around the neighborhood, the event started at 1pm, was packed at 6pm and probably never let up all day. Everything ran like a well-oiled machine. Spotted: David Lentz hanging with a group on the patio, James Woods leaving with a leggy blonde, then waiting for his Grand Cherokee outside. Notes for next year: Take your own wine and request a table on the patio.
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