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EaterWire: BBQ King Outlet Downtown, The Park Reopens Tomorrow, Viet Noodle Bar Expanding

DOWNTOWN: BBQ King was demolished to make way for another Orsini building on the corner of Cesar Chavez and Figueroa in the spring, and we learned that they relocated to 53rd and Vermont. But for all you Downtownizens missing the sweet smoky 'cue, there's a teensy-tiny outlet about to debut on 7th Street. Thank you, Jeebus. [Blogdowntown]

ECHO PARK: After a vacation and a one-and-a-half star review, The Park is back in the swing of things. Starting tomorrow (Wed 8/13), a new menu and, hey, a blog! [EaterWire]

ATWATER VILLAGE: From a reader: "I heard that Viet is expanding the Noodle Bar and adding a sandwich shop next door. Probably already published that but I'm just trying to do my part." Nope and thanks. [Eater Inbox]