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Plywood: Spitz Downtown, Goin/Styne Brentwood Update, La Brea Mysteries

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LITTLE TOKYO: Angelenic has deets on the new Spitz going into the Hikari Apartment on 2nd Street (gallery above). Unlike the Eagle Rock original, this new location will be restaurant by day, lounge by night---beer and wine, DJ, later hours. The Doner Kebab stays. Expect a September debut. [PLYWOOD]

BRENTWOOD: Chatting with Suzanne Goin at the Angeleno Chef's Night Out party, the very preggers chef told us her and Caroline Styne's restaurant (still won't divulge the name) in the former Hamlet space on San Vicente is "coming along." She's due in October, the resto by early 2009. [PLYWOOD]

MID-CITY: We don't have specifics on this one, but a tipster writes: "Orange awnings have gone up at the NW corner of La Brea and 8th street, next to the 'Little Bar' with the name of a restaurant, which escapes me right now, mudspot, dirtspot, something like that with the chef or owners name on it, Massimo I believe. I haven’t noticed any work going on inside, just the awnings, which is kina strange, isn’t that usually one of the last things to go up?" You'd think. Dish 'em if you got 'em.. [PLYWOOD]

MID-CITY: Speaking of La Brea, for those keeping tabs, we drove by the Mark Peel and Jay Perrin's forthcoming "speakeasy" in the old Oasis space and noticed absolutely nothing. Ditto Verrazano's taking over The Pig across the street. There may be work afoot in both but not visible from the street. [PLYWOOD]

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