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Hangover Observations: Angeleno's Chefs Night Out

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Angeleno magazine held its second Chef's Night Out event last night to celebrate this month's dining issue and restaurant awards. But more than that, it's one time when all these chefs and restaurateurs can see each other and all they have to do is eat, drink and chat. It was held at a new residential complex in Hollywood, and while we spotted all sorts of players---David Lentz and Suzanne Goin, David Myers, Joe Miller, Matt Accarrino from Craft, Hiro Urasawa, the owners of Tasca and Melograno---we didn't make our way around the pool to talk to them all for fear of falling in said pool. So just a bit of goss:

1) Craig Strong said things are going swimmingly at The Dining Room even after the switch from the Ritz-Carlton to the Langham hotel in Pasadena. Former Blue Velveters Robert Hartstein and Matthew Lathan are now on the FOH staff, breathing some life into the staid room.

2) Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo said they finally have sound panels up at Animal, which will no doubt make some people happy, and the fried quail is back on the menu (thank you!). Also, more visits from several critics, including Miss Irene in a hat and Mr. Jonathan Gold, so it sounds like full reviews are on the way.

3) Food: scarce. We had one potato chip with tuna tartare. Drinks: plentiful. Publicist to chef ratio: 3-1.

4) Water Grill's David LeFevre wouldn't let us take a picture of him for some reason.

5) Discussion #1: It seemed like there were more chefs in attendance last year, but it could've been the delayed invites or fewer party crashers filling the gaps. Discussion #2: Restaurant critic Brad Johnson's semi-incognito glasses-hat combo, second year running, isn't so incognito after all. Stylish, yes. Disguise, not so much.
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