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The Dish: Max Restaurant Re-Do

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SHERMAN OAKS--We just got word that Andre Guerrero quietly closed his flagship Max Restaurant two weeks ago to revamp the space and menu. Guerrero opened Max to quite the fanfare in 2002---Miss Irene called it a "glamorous boite" and gave it two stars---but now he's decided to follow the trend du jour and take it down a notch (the success of his other "slow fast food" joint, The Oinkster, probably contributed to this, too). The room is more casual, bistro-y, and the menu has more small plates, lower price points (entrees low 20s) and the same Cal-Asian slant. Look for dishes like ramen noodles with chicken, crab dumplings in shrimp green curry, pork belly confit with bok choy. The restaurant reopens tonight and will add lunch in September.

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