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Froyo Onslaught Continues: Red Mango Gets $12 Mil, Another Yogurtland Opens

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EVERYWHERE: It's no $27.5 million and a connection to Starbucks but Red Mango received a cup of $12 million from John Antioco and CIC Partners. With the money and new blood from companies like Blockbuster, Taco Bell and Corner Bakery, prepare for the onslaught. Red Mango only opened last year and now has 32 stores in California, New York, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada. The next local store will open Koreatown later this year. [EaterWire]

MID-CITY: Pinkberry and Red Mango aren't the only froyo shops with publicists these days: We just got an announcement for a new Yogurtland location on La Brea with the most important piece of info missing---the address (redeemed: it's 310 S. La Brea Ave, 323.936.5428). Yogurtland is one of the self-serve places and has its own world domination planned: there are stores in SoCal, NoCal, NYC and more (almost a dozen in the LA area alone) on the way. [EaterWire]

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