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OMG: Millions of Milkshakes Revealed

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We knew they were looking for milkshake experts to properly mix a Britney, Paris or Lindsay shake this week, but rumor is Millions of Milkshakes will debut this weekend, shooting for Saturday. But even better: The MoM website is now live, and we say this with our mouths agape, it is pure entertainment, Britney videos and all. First, the claims:

There are more than 75 million possible milkshake combinations that you can make. And if you don't believe us we had a UCLA professor and Aerospace associate calculate each and every ingredient combination for us. He took sequences and permutations and basic counting rules and fact.
Perusing the menu, there are toppings galore, everything from Toblerone to Bazooka bubblegum to tamarind candy, sauces, toppings, "shake ons," 100 ingredients all told. So how did this come to be? Oh, owner Sheeraz Hasan has a story.

Hasan apparently created the very TMZ-like Hollywood.TV, a 24-hour online news channel that documents the endless cycle of celebrity driven non-news. (Even more enjoyable, Sheeraz's own website.) But milkshakes, you see, were always his passion:

In 1996 Sheeraz Hasan wanted to create something unique and opened the first 24 Hour American-style diner with a Hollywood theme in London. Serving the best milkshakes in town and large portions of food 24 hours a day, seven days a week the diner soon became a favorite of customers and celebrities alike. While many other restaraunts tried and failed, Tinseltown became a vital component to life in London.

Armed with a vision, Sheeraz took the 24 Hour dining concept to LA in 2001. But he got kind of sidetracked and with all the right celebrity contacts started to produce a Hollywood show. 'Tinseltown TV' reached 500 million viewers every week in over 80 countries...The funny thing is, Sheeraz just wanted to sell milkshakes.

So now the Britney fascination makes sense. Hasan's Tinseltown Diner is still open in London, as you can see on any of the myriad videos on the MoM website. The shop is on Santa Monica Boulevard, in the heart of Boys Town, near San Vicente, with plans to stay open until 2am. Of course, Hasan has his sights on opening more---total milkshake domination.
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