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Missed Connections

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Someone had such a good time with their "Sexy Tatts Waiter" in some Los Feliz restaurant, they're still thinking about that extra special dessert that wasn't on the menu: "Okay, so on the way home we suggested drunkenly that his birthday would have been complete had we invited you home with us. With 8 happy years under our belts (heh), we've never done anything to complicate things -- like inviting another guy into our bedroom -- but what if we were sort of thinking about it... sort of fantasizing about the adventure of it. What's your story? Obviously discretion and consideration would be a huge factor if it happened at all. But yeah, it was very sexy watching you flirt with my boyfriend. You seem like a cool guy who would respect what we have... and enjoy being a guest? You must answer this question to get a response: What did you surprise us with for dessert? And this question, too: What else you got?" [Craigslist]

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