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Eater Sneak Peek: Lavo, Ludo Lefebvre's New Vegas Home

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A Vegas visitor sent us these stealth snaps of Lavo at the Palazzo, where former Bastide and L'Orangerie chef Ludovic Lefebvre is teaming up with the Tao group. From the tipster: "The place looked ready to go. The paper is off the windows outside and much to my surprise I just opened the door and walked in. I can't get over how pretty the space is." Well, that's Vegas for you---big, bold, sparkly, jaw-dropping. But look at the size. This is definitely not the little intimate spot Ludo dreamily talked about opening while serving us some foie gras and udon noodles at Breadbar last winter. These snaps are of the first floor restaurant which will be open for lunch and dinner seven days; like Tao, the nightclub is on the second floor. The chef sounds very excited for the Mediterranean menu and especially for the pizzas. (What is it with chefs and pizza ovens?) We don't have a hard date for Lavo's debut (reps say soon, Ludo suggested it would be this month), but we know there will be a big celeb grand opening party in mid-September.
· VegasWire: Lavo and Ludo Debut in August [~ELA~]

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