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Fast Food Ban Cont.

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Councilwoman Jan Perry's fast food ban for South LA has generated tons of national interest, including the New York Times. Jonathan Gold says he understands the ban but worries the law could hurt his beleoved barbecue and papsua spots in the area. He compares fast food restaurants to jellyfish and says, "Anytime you try to ban something, there’s a lot of bycatch." For Sue Moore and Larry Bain, who own and operate the Let's Be Frank hot dog cart (although not currently in South LA), worry more about the politics. "Our policy makers abhor nuance and the subtle but distinct qualities that differentiate fast food from food that can be served fast," said Bain. Eddie North-Hager, a Leimert Park blogger, sounds like he sides with the government: He says there are 10 McDonald’s restaurants within three miles of his home. "It seems like a lot. And that’s just McDonald’s." [NYT]


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