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The Dish: Tapas and Wine Bar C, Andrew's Cheese Shop, The Watermark Open

Fuzzy: Wine and Tapas Bar C

LITTLE TOKYO: Looking for something a bit, um, out of the norm? Tapas and Wine Bar C (the "C" stands for Miss Cha Cha, the owner) is now open. The place is covered in fur, the servers are in French maid outfits and six-inch stilettos (hello, OSHA?), there's karaoke, and it only holds 40 people. Call it what you will, but Metromix thinks there's a slight identity crisis, but found items from the small menu somewhat edible and girly cocktails kind of sweet. The karaoke, however, rocked. Someone said some chefs have been hanging out here and we'd like to know who. (428 E. 2nd St, 213.628.8877; website)

SANTA MONICA: Well, Andrew's Cheese Shop didn't quite get off the ground last week as planned, but we confirmed that Andrew Steiner will soft open the shop sometime on Friday (8/15) sometime in the day, and full throttle on Saturday (8/16) starting at 10am. (728 Montana Ave, 310.393.3308; website)

VENTURA: A little out of our normal range but worth a mention in case you're driving through: The Watermark restaurant opened in this week. The building was built in 1907 for the Ventura Power Company and renovated in 1928 by architects responsible the Griffith Observatory, the Shrine Auditorium and Los Angeles City Hall. And it's been meticulously restored again, the hand-painted plaster ceilings, original murals, arts-and-crafts tile, mahogany woodwork are all intact and stunning (at least in pictures). There's a dining room on the first floor, and a glass-enclosed lounge with ocean views on the roof. The menu is modern American with local, seasonal influences. (598 Main St, 805.643.6800; website)