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StarWatch: Katherine Heigl at Cliff's Edge, Tom and Rita at Anisette, Beckham, Posh and Ramsay at Beso, MORE

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Big week for the StarWatch this week. Have a celeb sighting? We'll take it right here.

CLIFF'S EDGE: The nicotine-addicted Katherine Heigl was spotted on Friday (8/8) night. "She was with an older woman (mother?) and two guys, who may have been together. Smoked throughout the meal, which drifted right down to our table - very nice." [StarWatch Inbox]

ANISETTE: Full on details from dinner on Saturday (8/9): "Sat at the table next to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson dining with another couple. Rita started with fois gras, with moules frites for a main. Didn't see what Tom had but the entire table shared profiteroles for dessert. He has one of the loudest laughs I've ever heard." [StarWatch Inbox]

WA SUSHI: Former ER doc Eric LaSalle was having sushi last Saturday night (8/9). [StarWatch]

LUCQUES: Spotted at the annual barbecue fest last Sunday (8/10): James Woods and a pretty younger blonde spotted leaving just before we did. Who knew he drove a Grand Cherokee? [StarWatch]

BESO: It was a mini Brit reunion on Monday (8/11): David Beckham and wife Posh, Gordon Ramsay, Kate Beckinsale with several others---all at one table. [StarWatch Inbox]

NOBU: And in Malibu, another celebrity smorgasbord: Brian Grazer, Pierce Brosnan, Christian Slater and Matthew McConaughey but "not all together as that would be just plain weird." [Defamer]

PIZZERIA MOZZA: On Tuesday (8/12) night, a tipster spotted the Kardashian sisters—all three and their entourage--being whisked into the private dining room to the right of the entrance. [StarWatch Inbox]

URTH CAFFE: Gossip Girl Blake Lively mistook a plebe for one of her friends and then apologized profusely for her mistake. Or just wanted to make sure someone saw her to send to a gossip column. [Defamer]

WARSZAWA: Goo Goo Dolls John Rzeznik getting his pierogi on with some "appropriately punk looking pals" in Santa Monica. [Defamer]

MAGNOLIA: Scrubs' Donald Faison enjoyed a Bloody Mary while having dinner with girlfriend CaCee Cobb in Hollywood. [Mark Malkin/E!]