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The Shutter: Blowfish Sushi to Die For

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WEST HOLLYWOOD--A reader recently tipped us off that furniture was stacked inside a dark Blowfish Sushi on a night when the restaurant would normally be open. Sure enough, [er the outgoing phone message, Blowfish is no longer open for lunch or dinner service, only for private parties and events. The frantically hip San Francisco import touted Julian Lennon as an investor, had a little scerfuffle with In-N-Out over their "animal-style" sushi roll, but didn't make a lot of noise on the scene except when it opened in 2004. But for those who loved a little anime with their rolls, according to the message it's not so much a shutter as a relocation: They plan on opening at 12th and Flower downtown next spring, almost spitting distance from Staples.
· BREAKING: In-N-Out Sues WeHo's Blowfish Sushi [~ELA~]

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