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Eater Deathwatch: Gonpachi

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Gonpachi, we've given you as many chances as one Deathwatch Committee can. We didn't balk at the $18 million reportedly spent transforming the former Ed Debevic's into your as-authentic-as-possible Japanese scene. The opening party was lavish and impressive, everyone loved the in-house soba maker. But then came the lackluster reviews, and then the first and second wave staff changes. Celebrating the one year mark with a huge party, Japanese "eye candy" and doling out $25 gift certificates should've been the last straw, but no. This is: "They just fired the new chef and GM they brought in 6 months ago. Chef Naga and Greg were let go for, I guess, failing to turn the restaurant around as their sales are only 1/4 of when they first opened. I also heard the sushi chef Masa from Japan quit few weeks ago." More than a few tipsters sent a similar message. Times are tough and marking restaurant failures is like shooting fish in a barrel right now. But it's time: Officially Deathwatched.
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