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Just Another Night in Hollywoodland

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This crazy little story comes from a Los Angeles Kings message board (via LA Observed) about a night that started as a harmless trolling for girls at Big Wangs on Cahuenga to getting shot in the stomach. Deciphering the larger story, this is what happened last Thursday: Two guys walk into a bar, bump into another guy, some pushing and shoving occurs, one guy buys the others some beer, all seems well. And then there's the grudge:

As many of you who may go to Hollywood know that the parking situation is extremely messy so our car was parked a bit away from the bar itself. Little did we know that the same Gentleman was following us. As we were going to get into our car he punched my friend in his face cocked the gun and stuck it to my friends chin. I was talking to the guy telling him that a little bump in the shoulder isn't worth going to jail for life and that lets just put the gun down and take care of this civil.
The hockey fan tried to lower the gun, shots were fired, and he was hit in the stomach. He says five to seven people were standing around watching the whole incident, and even after being shot he had to call 911 himself. The guy is now on the mend. Why this didn't make the news is baffling; maybe it did and we missed it. But we have questions: What did the bar do about the original scuffle? Are all Cahuenga Corridor barhoppers packing? Is it at all shocking this started at a place called Big Wangs?
· First person account of getting shot [LAO]
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