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Ivan Kane's Cafe Was: Still Almost Is

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The neon has flickered on at Ivan Kane's Cafe Was in Sunset + Vine (although it might take you a minute to figure it out exactly what it says). With its witty signage and interiors looking pretty much complete, we can only guess that they're waiting for some of the animatronic ghosts to be shipped up from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride and they'll be ready to roll. Our view through the thinly-veiled window confirms that Kane is definitely going for spinster-chic: antique silver tea set, chandeliers, broken mirrors, lots of pearls. And then, of course, there's the standard collection of dusty books, because there's nothing like knocking back some moules frites while reading Winning Tennis After Forty.

After delays, Cafe Was was supposed to open sometime in August, a call placed to the reservation number today told us, "about...two weeks," which is what they've been saying for months. Oh, and despite the funny sign, they're actually only open until 2am.
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