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Staycation? No, Only a Vacation Will Do

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Vacation Day #1: Celebrate With a Scoop From Gelato Bar

While we take a brief hiatus this week to see where people are eating and what restaurants they're obsessing over outside of LA, please welcome guest blogger extraordinaire Alissa Walker back to the helm. Alissa was recently the editor for mediabistro's UnBeige blog, and it's her second turn driving Eater LA. She's usually busy writing about design and architecture for publications like Good, Wired, Fast Company, LA Weekly and Dwell, but she's a die-hard Eater and loves the LA restaurant scene. She's also a complete gelato fanatic. While working on a book in New York this summer, Alissa found herself far more interested in the gelato from Grom and il laboratorio del gelato (more about her and her gelato exploits here), but a goat cheese-and-lavender scoop from Scoops still holds a special place in her heart. Big round of welcome applause for Ms. Walker. She'll be all over the scene this week, but do keep those tips coming!

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