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The Shutter: Goa-ing, Goa-ing, Gone

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Bye, bye, beautiful. Photo by Thomas Hencz

Just a few weeks ago we caught wind of police raids of Goa's over-capacity crowds, design adjustments for a "misinterpreted" dance floor, and threats to serve "the best sushi in the city" to appease licensing issues. But apparently tossing some tables and raw fish into a nightclub do not a restaurant make: Goa shut down August 9, reports the LAT.

Michael Sutton says he and co-owners Adolfo Suaya and Ted Fujita tried their damnedest to make it work: "I did the best that I could under the circumstances." Goa was operating under a "47," an on-sale general eating permit and their beverage license expires next month, so it was really only a matter of time. At least they're helping the staff cope: The article says former Goa employees were working the preview of Apple Lounge last week.
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