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Breaking: Sprinkles Sues Famous Cupcakes

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A new battleground has been declared in the ongoing Cupcake Wars: The courtroom! Sprinkles Cupcakes has sued North Hollywood-based Famous Cupcakes for copying its trademarked "modern dot" design: "Unlike other cupcake imitators around the world who ceased using 'Modern Dot' after being caught by Sprinkles Famous Cupcakes has not responded to repeated requests to 'promptly stop using its trademarked design,' the lawsuit said."

According to the blog Las Vegas Trademark Attorney, Sprinkles' "nested circle" design was registered last April, with a helpful dot-placement diagram. Although we can certainly see some concentric circles in Famous Cupcakes' logo, their actual cupcakes don't seem to be topped with dots (turkeys, even, but not dots).

But apparently this isn't the first time Sprinkles has gone to court. Just on that previous blog post, two commenters claimed they got sued by Sprinkles...and won. Says one about the cupcakery: "they are a litigious group."
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