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EaterWire: Ben Ford's Backyard BBQ, Huntley Hotel Brunch, Talesai on Holiday, Downey's Nordic Fox No More

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CULVER CITY: On Sunday Ben Ford (right) of Filling Station fame will lead a backyard BBQ grilling class where he'll demonstrate his brines, rubs and marinades. Afterwards you'll partake in a BBQ feast. Can we have a little more information on those "rubs"? [LAT]

SANTA MONICA: True to this morning's claim that breakfast is back, the Huntley Hotel's restaurant The Penthouse will start serving Sunday brunch this Sunday. [Eater Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: A tipster informs us that Talesai on Sunset has papered over its windows. A trip to the website confirms that they're closed for renovations, to re-open with a "new kitchen" in fall. [Eater Inbox]

DOWNEY: Googie landmark the Nordic Fox is closing, confirms manager Joe Becker. He cited "rising food prices and a decline in customers." Last day for the Fox is August 31. [Eric Pierce]

Ford's Filling Station

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