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Good News/Bad News: Millions of Milkshakes

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Millions of Milkshakes and all its starfucker, 75 million flavors glory opened just this weekend (officially today), and the very early---maybe even too early---reviews are trickling in. Normally we'd reserve a whole Good News/Bad News for a roundup of multiple voices and criticisms, but this one Chowhound report kind of has it in the bag for now:

1) They love Michael Jackson. "Dancing staff are fun (though an older staff member seemed to be exhorting them to should be voluntary and spontaneous I think, otherwise a little creepy), especially to PYT."

2) "The place is nice, clean, bright and inviting."

3) "Very friendly staff explained the whole concept to us, and waited patiently while we stood around and pondered the many (!) toppings...Lots of interesting elements to choose from. They include chocolate bars (ranging from mars bars to toblerone and ferrero rocher), to fresh and dried fruit, to licorice and other candy, as well as various syrups."

1) "They aren't really milkshakes. The concept is that you choose a size, a base (either vanilla ice cream, soy ice cream or yoghurt) and then toppings from the aforementioned extensive toppings bar, and then they blend it up for you, either as a milkshake or as a sundae. We got milkshakes, or so we thought. But actually what we got was closest to a DQ Blizzard...Now I like those things, but they aren't milkshakes. You figure a place called Millions of Milkshakes should serve at least one."

2) They aren't *good* blizzards either...At the bottom of my "shake" was a big clump of partially blended figs. Not nice."

3) "Their pricing is also off base. You pay $5 for the base for a regular size, then 95 cents for each topping. So, even a minimal regular shake is about $7 dollars...Bottom line though: it costs too much. I don't want an $8 milkshake. And if I did, it better blow my socks off."

4) "It's all a bit overwhelming. We all stood there for a good 5 minutes, maybe 10, just staring at it all trying to figure out what to do...I got the feeling people were afraid to go in there because they were intimidated by it all. I don't blame them."
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