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Top Chef Spoiliage: Another Local Chef Outed, More

Following a tip from a commenter, Eater NY discovered that Fabio Viviani, the chef and owner of Cafe Firenze in Moorpark looks a whole lot like the goateed cheftestant seen here and here. Our friends at Amuse Biatch confirm the suspicions:

"Granted, we’re not with the FBI or anything, but based on the comparison of a photo from Café Firenze’s website and the Miss Universe photo, we’d say it was positively the same guy. As if by the grace of E.M. Forster himself, Fabio is a native of Florence, Italy...Viviani opened Café Firenze last year, and the local paper gave it quite a good write-up."
In true AB fashion, there are a lot of double entendres about Viviani and his meat (or love of dry-aging), but if true, this means the chef is the second SoCal contestant in New York. But wait, there's more...

Amuse-Biatch is also hot on the trail of one chef Jill Snyder from the Red Maple in Baltimore. He doesn't have any solid confirmation but discovers Snyder made a Top Chef audition video that, at one time, was up on YouTube (now in cache). Now we just happen to have an operative in Charm City and asked for some intel:

"I don't know Jill but I've been to Red Maple and it's more of a club then a restaurant. The food was good years ago when the first chef moved back from San Fran to open the place. Of all the Baltimore chefs stepping it up right now, I never hear her name mentioned."
Well, every cooking competition needs its filler. Any more Top Chef spoilage? We'll take those tips right here.
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