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Corner view at Pizzeria Mozza

· 9th Street Downtown: Chinese Take-Out Row? [Angelenic]
· And Downtown restos for alfresco dining [Downtown Scene]
· Some sights from the Western Foodservice Expo [Eating L.A.]
· What's really in that smoothie? Lots and lots of fat [Fast Food Maven]
· Top Cheffer Sam Talbot is just misunderstood, see [NYT]
· That Whole Foods salad bar salad? Yeah, not so healthy [NYS]

Big round of applause to guest blogger extraordinaire Alissa Walker who guided the Eater LA ship with aplomb last week. Fueled by dreamy memories of fresh-from-the-water crab and plucked-from-the-vine blackberries from the San Juan Islands, we're back to business as usual.

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