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Sign of the Times: Airport Advertisements

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We usually don't notice advertisements in airports because they're usually for restaurants inside the airport, which is why this one makes us chuckle all the time. Tucked in a corner near the clusterfuck that is known as the indoor baggage claim at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, we have this gleaming beacon to Picanha Churrascaria, "Voted Best Steak by Citysearch!" It's always back lit, the guys are always holding their, ahem, swords of meat, there's promise of a bar and grill nearby. What goes through our mind while fighting the hordes for a spot along the 20-foot strip of conveyor belt (unfortunately the best spot to wait for your bags is right. in front. of the sign.): Why is this the only restaurant advertised here? Why has it been there forever? When did it ever top Citysearch's best of list, because it certainly isn't there now, and is that really a selling point? Do people all of a sudden feel pangs for churrascaria after leaving the airport and don't know why? Do those servers ever stand there waiting for their luggage and think, "Why in the hell did I ever agree to that photo?"

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