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So How's Lot 1 Doing?

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According to Lesley Bargar at LA Magazine, now that Josef Centeno is gone, it's just kind of meh: "Is it still good? Well, sure. Is it as good as it was before? No. Not even close. In place of hot, puffy popovers, our amuse consisted of brioche toast points with hummus. Remember the cleverly jarred starters like pork rillettes and chicken liver, or the instant favorites like chicharrones in gazpacho? Well, now we’re offered a charcuterie plate (modest), gnocchi with heirloom tomatoes (a highlight), and a beet carpaccio (zzzzz)...My initial verdict: it’s all fine, just fine." Patric Kuh gave Lot 1 and Centeno two stars, which published just a few weeks before the chef left the restaurant. [Digest Blog; previously]

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