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Who knew the Daily Candy girls were such bullies? We did, actually. The local editors of the cloying newsletter admit in a puffy weekend story (just getting to it now) that because they have millions of readers, they can strong-arm publicists and business owners into withholding information from the rest of the media so DC can appear to be the most 'in-the-know.' "It's not like we're being demanding," says LA editor Crystal Meers. "But my biggest fear is that someone will read something I wrote about and say, 'I already knew that.'" Sometimes it actually works. We've been told on more than one occasion that the Daily Candy girls don't like the buzz that some, ahem, blogs create for new restaurants, bars and nightclubs, that they won't run something if it's already "out there." And that makes our job just that much more fun. [LAT]

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