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90210 Ice Cream Trucks

The CW is going all out with promotions for its new 90210 remake premiering next week, and it's tasty. If you stumble across one of these trucks this weekend, snag yourself a free ice cream treat. (The Brenda Bomb? Kelly Kooler? Wait, wrong series...) The trucks will be in full force throughout the holiday weekend, and here's the sked: Friday is all San Diego; Saturday starts in Long Beach and then up the PCH through the South Bay beach cities to Santa Monica; Sunday they'll start in SM and move inland towards the Beverly Center, Grove and Hollywood neighborhoods; and on Monday, the trucks will be in Pasadena and surrounding areas. Hopefully the 90201 theme song the trucks will be blasting is better than the creepy run-down jingles that the local ice cream trucks usually play. [EaterWire]