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Venice Gets Its Own Whole Foods Next Week

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Almost there... [From Yo! Venice]

We're still reeling from the ginormous Pasadena Whole Foods, but next week, Venitians finally get their very own store to spend more money than they should on food. It's not that WF isn't worth the money---it so is---it's just that we always spend $50 more than what we needed. Anyhoo, the grand opening for the new store on Rose and Lincoln is Wednesday, September 3, at 9am, which they'll be celebrating with a slew of events for the day. The first 100 customers will get a free demi-baguette (?!), and spend more than $40 and you'll get a free reusable bag (or buy one for $2.99 and save yourself $30). From 12pm-3pm, they're barbecueing free-range beef in the parking lot with free tastes, and from 6pm-7:30pm there's a wine tasting in the fancy new wine bar. Of course, because they're trying to get away from the "Whole Paycheck" image, you can always catch a "Value Tour." Here's a calendar of events for the month.
· Whole Foods Opening Soon in Venice [Yo! Venice]
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