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StarWatch: Woody and Soon Yi at Wolfgang's, Ramsay at Ketchup, Clint Eastwood at Roku, MORE

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WOLFGANG'S: Where do the quintessential New Yorkers go when in Beverly Hills? NY-import steakhouses, natch. Woody Allen and Soon Yi and two guests were having dinner on Wednesday (8/20). "They sat at the corner table. Woody examined the menu with his glasses off. They seemed to be having a good time. Couldn’t see how much steak they got because they got there while we were finishing up. Four cougars at the table next to us kept on looking over there." [StarWatch Inbox]

KETCHUP: We're not sure if he actually ate there, but Gordon Ramsay and his family were outside of the Sunset Strip restaurant on Wednesday (8/20). "He was laid back and non-shouty, his kids looked happy and content and not snobby and privileged." [Defamer]

CHATEAU MARMONT: Cameron Diaz and Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin dined at a patio table that was previously occupied by Radiohead singer Thome Yorke earlier this week. [People]

ROBATA BAR: Ron Howard was spotted having what looked like a business dinner on Tuesday (8/26). [StarWatch Inbox]

PINCHES TACOS: Rocker Nikki Sixx and GF tattooist Kat Von D were spotted on the patio of the Sunset Strip stand. [People]

BESO: Another celeb-filled night at the Hollywood spot: Saturday (8/22), Hilary Duff dining with three friends, Sharon Stone was with her family, and Gabrielle Union celebrated a birthday. [StarWatch Inbox]

BOA: Funnymen Don Rickles and Jimmy Kimmel went to the West Hollywood steakhouse after taping a show last week (8/26). "Table-side Caesar saladas and steaks and fish after." [StarWatch Inbox]

SUSHI ROKU: Clint Eastwood and three others were spotted at the 3rd Street original. "No one bothered him and the paparazzi didn’t bother him either." [StarWatch Inbox]

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