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Plywood Report: Fulfilled Imagawa-yaki, Shiny Ecco, Another French Place, Rivera, Versus, MORE

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1) Beverly Hills: Above we have a rendering of the little imagawa-yaki shop, Fulfilled, which is slated to open on Santa Monica Boulevard in September. Designed by the same company that did Crustacean and Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, the 500-square-foot store will have crystal chandeliers (it is BH) and a modern Japanese aesthetic. Staff will make the imas in the window. Traditionally stuffed with red bean paste, here the flavors vary from banana and Nutella to chicken-apple sausage with pepperjack cheese. [PLYWOOD]

2) Hollywood: The eco-friendly nightclub Ecco on Cahuenga is getting a shiny new front. Inside, we saw a lot of LED light sockets dangling over what might be a dance floor of sorts, or something like that. [PLYWOOD]

3) Mid-City: After not knowing what was taking the space on the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Spaulding (after Babycakes NYC decided to try and open up the street), neighbors received notice that a French Provencal restaurant has applied for its CUP license in that location. Construction permits were filed with the city, too, but we don't know who's behind this operation. Tips are appreciated! [PRE-PLYWOOD]

4) Downtown: John Sedlar's Rivera is shaping up, per Angelenic. Cool metal gratework on the exterior, and inside the "crystal" tequila bar and various rooms are coming together. Construction is on track to be finished by early November, but pending permits, etc., the debut will be sometime after that. [PLYWOOD]

5) Downtown: Also fromAngelenic, the new nightclub going in the former Los Angeles Stock Exchange building is Versus, brought to you by Miami-based operators, Value Creators LLC. Three floors of pure nightclub glory---martini lounge, dance floor and VIP tables overlooking it all. Shooting for an October 11 debut. [PLYWOOD]

6) Westlake Village: Per this Craigslist ad, looks like a Grill on the Alley is planned for the Promenade at Westlake shopping center. Opens in September. [POST-PLYWOOD]

Rivera Restaurant

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