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BREAKING: Former Largo Space, Taken!

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The New Yorkization of LA continues: We just heard from Reg Macdonald (Nacional, Tokio, Tinto Tapas) that he and Jordan Bucky have taken over the former Largo on Fairfax to open an "upscale New York-style restaurant/bar/lounge" called...Fairfax. 'New York-style' is definitely the new buzz word these days, and here it just means high vaulted ceilings, exposed brick, etc. We heard "everyone" looked at this space and were eagerly awaiting to see who swooped up the former club after it closed in May, and with Animal across the street, Golden State going in a few doors away, and the French bistro Mec (which we think is still in the works) on the same block, this is shaping up to be quite the little party strip. The timeline for Fairfax sounds ambitious: Macdonald says they hope to open by December.
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