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EaterWire: Cheesecake Factory WeHo Rumors, New Zankou in the Valley, Bon Appetit Launches Blog

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WEHO: Things seem to be in constant limbo at 8000 Sunset (Pinkberry, Trader Joe's, etc.), but Racked LA has some goss about cheesecake. From a tipster: "My friend has a friend whose mom paints ceiling murals for The Cheesecake Factory and says the company has already contacted her about painting later this year at 8000 Sunset in the location of the old Virgin Megastore. Several other sources have indicated Cheesecake Factory corporate personnel visiting the site." Still unconfirmed on our end. [Racked LA]

TARZANA: Let the Tarzana garlic wars begin, says a tipster: "Zankou Chicken has applied to take over the former Nona/Shanghai Bistro space (19598 Ventura Blvd) opposite the Starbucks on the other end of the shopping center. About 1-2 miles from Versailles---should be interesting!" [EaterWire Inbox]

BLOGOSPHERE: After Bon Appetit magazine overhauled its website in May, the food blog that restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton tended went away. It has now returned: BA Foodist launched last week. In Knowlton's words: "This is a blog about the culture of eating out--restaurants, ingredients, trends, travel--from someone who is passionate (and highly opinionated, at least that is what people tell me) about food. I won't try to scoop the latest restaurant opening or closing--plenty of sites have that angle covered quite well. And I won't chronicle my home cooking triumphs and failures?This blog is a window into my life as a professional eater and where it takes me." There's a lot of Q&A so audience participation is encouraged. [EaterWire]

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