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Plywood Report Hollywood Edition: Club Sushi, Mission

2) Hollywood: We are so in a Hollywood groove today, let's keep this party rollin'. First up: Club Sushi, the ginormous space at the Arclight next to Charcoal. You can see what looks like a mile-long bar and some stairs leading, well, up, but it doesn't look like it will open any time soon. Remember this was the place that had "Coming Summer 2006" signage up well into 2007, and only recently took down the "Coming Summer 2007" signs. "Coming Summer 2009?" [PLYWOOD]

1) Hollywood: Next, the gates at Mission, the next venture to open at the Delancey Compound. This is the most new development we've seen around this building for months, and we hear it should debut in a few weeks. Unfortunately those giant gates make it impossible to peek inside, but some things to expect: deep blue walls, stained glass, custom made bar, lots of tequila. Like George Abou-Doud's other spots (Delancey next door, Bowery down the street), there will be food, this time of the South of the Border persuasion. The promised rooftop patio: Not coming for awhile. [POST-PLYWOOD]