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Name Wars: Hudson Bistro vs. Hudson Inn

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The Wolfgang's Steakhouse vs. Wolfgang Puck's steakhouse Cut issue is nothing compared to what's brewing in Hollywood. On one hand, we have the forthcoming Hudson Bistro, formerly the very shortlived Lift and 86 on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Hudson Street. This will be a new restaurant with a "New York sports bar vibe" with Hush (former club 86) below. And then we have the Hudson Inn, a stalled project in the former Memphis space in a historic house behind La Cantina and Melograno on Hollywood Boulevard. We don't know much about the Hudson Inn or if that's really what the owners plan to call it (it's the name the restaurant group), but we know they had dibs on the name first (they filed in May, Hudson Bistro plans were announced in July.) What we do know: Hudson Inn is approximately 82 feet from Hudson Bistro so someone should sort this out before the "we thought we were meeting at Hudson on Hollywood" antics begin.
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