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The Dish 8/8/08 Edition: Blue Palms Brewery, Hush, Roy's Pasadena, Andrew's Cheese Shop, More

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It's not every day you get such a well-rounded date at 8/8/08 and several places are taking advantage of what they deem lucky digits. Those debuts and more in this week's Dish. See something we missed? Do let us know.

HOLLYWOOD: Just as the website (and we) promised, the Blue Palms Brewery opens on Friday. This is the former Blue Palms Lounge next to the Music Box at the Fonda but now renovated---the carpet pulled up, original floors refurbished, some high top tables and banquettes put in---with owner Brian Lenzo, who worked at the original original Blue Palms on La Cienega, as your beer host. There will be 24 rotating taps ensuring you won't get the same beer every time you go in; he's launching with Stone Brewery's Vertical Epic 8/8/08 ale, kegged for your 8/8/08 drinking pleasure. The food is of the American classic variety with a twist: kobe burger with short ribs, spaghetti-o's and meatballs, buffalo hot dogs, wings, steaks, seafood, snacks. Opens softly Friday and Saturday this weekend, closed Sun-Mon, and then full steam starting Tuesday. (6124 Hollywood Blvd, 323.464.2337; website)

HOLLYWOOD: Even though it's still boarded up, Hush supper club is supposed to open on Friday. Speakeasy, live jazz, cocktails, small menu, chef from Smitty's in Pasadena and Dominick's (pre Warner Ebbink and Brandon Boudet), lots of Hollywood history to the space. (6533 Hollywood Blvd, 323.467.4874)

PASADENA: After a private grand opening party tonight, Roy Yamaguchi opens his 37th Roy's on the corner of Colorado Boulevard and El Molino near the Laemmle theaters. (641 E. Colorado Blvd., 626.356.4066; website)

MARINA DEL REY: Ok, it doesn't open until Monday (8/11), but our guess is The Counter in the Waterside center will be at least friends and family this weekend. Custom burgers, fried pickles, milkshakes, everything the original promises. (4786 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, 310.827.8600; website)

SANTA MONICA: Andrew Steiner wanted to debut the previously plywooded Andrew's Cheese Shop tomorrow (8/8), but we're told there were some last-minute glitches. Look for a debut early next week. Expect more than 200 cheeses and foods like honey, olive oil, salt, caviar, etc. Sampling and questions are highly encouraged. (728 Montana Ave, 310.393.3308; website)

VALENCIA: And finally, for those out that way, the new outpost of Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria (same owners as the one in West Hollywood) opened on August 6 for lunch and dinner. (27911 Seco Canyon Rd, 661.263.8191; website)

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