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Top-Earning Celeb Chefs

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The use of the word "chef" is pretty loose considering who tops this list, but Forbes rounds up the 10 Top-Earning Celebrity Chefs: Rachael Ray beats them all raking in about $18 million a year for all of her EVOOness, with Wolfgang Puck a close second pulling $16 mil for his branded empire. Then there's Gordon Ramsay ($7.5mil), Alain Ducasse and Nobu Matsuhisa ($5 mil), Paula Deen ($4.5 mil), Mario Batali ($3 mil), Tom Colicchio ($2 mil), and Bobby Flay and Anthony Bourdain ($1.5 mil). What, no Emeril? Keller? Doesn't Nancy Silverton still have gazillions from the La Brea Bakery sale?[Forbes]