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The Un-Shutter: E. Baldi Not Closed Yet

Chalk this up to some bad intel from a usually solid source: We announced that a new restaurant called Tiger Japanese Cuisine has license signage hanging in the windows of E. Baldi in Beverly Hills, which means E. Baldi is on its way out. Then a regular tipster thought she saw the windows papered over not too long after, which generally signifies a closed restaurant. We called to verify and no one answered, so it sounded like an open and shuttered case. But then this came in today:

"When a co-worker arranged a dinner at E. Baldi I was quick to point out that it had been shuttered. When she insisted that we had a reservation for dinner I was still doubtful. When I had my first bite of lobster gnocchi with roasted tomato I wish they had been (lobster was overcooked and gnocchi was bland). Definitely still in business though."
Today we were able to reach someone at the restaurant and asked if and when the restaurant is closing. The answer, in very heavily accented Italian: "Ehyessss, we are closing but we don't know when." Stay tuned.
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