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Eater Inside: Mission Cantina

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Yet another stop for off-the-beaten-path East Hollywood drinking (all the better to avoid the crazier scene nearby), here we have the pretty little Mission Cantina, a kind of Mexican version of The Bowery down the way. No surprise since it's owned by the same guy (George Abou-Daoud, who also owns Delancey next door), who's perfected this welcoming vibe at all of his bars by having friendly bartenders, great music, good drinks and food. Tequila obviously is a focus with more than 150 choices, and the menu hits the alcohol-absorbing basics with homemade chips and guacamole, quesadillas, barbacoa tacos (the chicken mole and snapper ceviche, however, are unexpected surprises). Tall decorative iron gates surrounding the patio look confining from the street; once inside with margarita in hand, it's rather protective. For further reading, here and here.

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