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Eater Thinkage: Where Are Anisette's Stars?

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Here's some industry chatter we can't seem to escape: Rustic Canyon gets its second review in one year, and just about every LAT review comes out almost three months to the date the restaurant opens, and yet we still don't have Miss Irene's full review for Anisette. This is one of the most highly anticipated restaurant openings this year, it debuted in June, it's wildly popular on the blogs and message boards (with mixed reviews, we might add), and it's not starred by the Times yet?

For what it's worth, we haven't seen a review in the other local publications except for "first looks" and other mentions, either. Occasionally, as critics will admit, there are restaurants that aren't good enough to warrant a full review, but that surely isn't the case here: Anisette is good, it's Alain Giraud, Miss Irene's only four-star chef (deservedly, when he was at Bastide). Is it because the restaurant serves three-square and each meal deserves several visits which takes more time, or is it because Giraud is Giraud so the restaurant gets more time to pull things together than other newcomers? Inquiring minds want to know.
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