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On Location: Spotted on The Hills, Entourage, 90201

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Since so many TV shows ("real" and fictional), commercials and movies film in LA, our local restaurants and clubs regularly get the spotlight. Therefore, we have On Location, which highlights who got some screen time, even if it was just a drive-by moment. See something we missed? Drop us a note.

1) Entourage: Season premiere and Vinny comes back from a Mexican paradise to have lunch at The Grill on the Alley because where else could a coniving director dangle the star in front of another agent to close a deal.

2) Rachel Zoe Project: She's the fashion stylist to the stars, so of course they'll be pushing around food as if they were interested in it all over town. Zoe's assistant and assistant to the assistant meet up at La Terza on 3rd Street, and there was a lunch at Sushi Roku. Her office must be around there, so let's assume these will be as ubiquitous as Area on The Hills. Racked LA gives a full episode recap for the fashion-obsessed.

3) The Hills: In a not so shocking sequence, there was dancing and a fashion show at SBE's Area in this week's ep.

4) 90201: LAist caught the "family night" episode which had the Beverly Hill Wilsons go to Lucky Strike Lanes?at the Block at Orange. Nobu gets a shout-out for "take-out." Of course, Kokomo Cafe will have a regular stand-in as the Peach Pit.

5) Advertising: This was awhile ago, but the Malibu Inn was used in a beer commercial.

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