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Nanny States: City Wants Calorie Counts Listed, Just Add It to the List

After the state and county announced proposals to make all chain restaurants list the calorie counts on menus, the city wants in: Yesterday the Los Angeles City Council unaminously approved plans to draft a similar law affecting restaurants with 15 or more locations. It could could be on the books as early as next month. "We aren't telling people what they can eat or banning products in the preparation of food," says Councilman Jose Huizar. They just want you to know exactly what you're shoveling in your pie-hole, if that makes a difference.

So now we have the South LA fast food ban, the state-wide trans fat ban that will take effect in 2011, myriad smoking bans, including one passed yesterday for farmers markets, the continued taco truck wars, the can't-give-customers-water-unless-they-ask law, and multiple calorie count ordinances in the works. What's next?
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