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EaterWire: Joe's Celebrates 17, Two Pasadena Closures

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VENICE: Congratulations to Joe Miller who celebrates 17 years at Joe's on Abbot Kinney this year. Miller knows he couldn't do it without his people, so to honor the milestone, each guest will get a free glass of champagne on Wednesday (9/17). When restaurants seem to come and go faster than you can put a fork down, 17 years is truly an accomplishment. Chin-chin! [Eater Inbox]

PASADENA: Someone mentioned that Radhika's closed, the Indian restaurant next to the way more popular (for no good reason) Green Street on Shoppers Lane. It may not be the best Indian food in town, but in a pinch, it was great for to-go, and even after they changed the menu they continued to let us order the mattar paneer that we always had to have. No one answers the phone, which is not a good sign on a Friday night. [EaterWire]

PASADENA: We reported that all signs pointed to La Maschera closing its doors, but we didn't have firm confirmation until now. Per a tipster: "I too am a huge fan of that restaurant, and was shocked to drive by one day and find the space gutted. I contacted the restaurant to ask what happened, and they said they were forced to move out of the space because their landlord plans to do construction on the building. (This was confirmed by the "Notice of Hearing" signs posted in La Maschera's window and also the pub two doors down. The Notice announced intent to demolish the building and put up a 4-story building with retail and offices. Boo!) The email went on to say that they're in the process of looking for a new space." The restaurant was pretty, but it was never really busy, so probably best for all involved. [Eater Inbox]

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