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On an earlier Intelligentsia post, commenter Venice Bobo suggests that the "main drag" for the new Venice coffee house will be located on Abbot Kinney: "I get a little scentimental (hint, hint) when I think of Intelligensia and their new Venice location... Looking forward to finally being able to walk down the street for a really good espresso." The "scentimental" comment probably refers to Scentiments Flowers at 1331 Abbot Kinney, but Intellingentsia's Doug Zell won't "confirm nor deny" that rumor. He says they're definitely goint to open in Venice because, like Silver Lake, it just feels like a neighborhood, and it's underserved in the delivery of really good coffee, "coffee the way we do coffee." The space and design will be unique and specific to its location. "We don't do cookie cutter." [~ELA~]