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Froyo Wars: Pinkberry Files Lawsuits Against Six Chains

You knew the color-fruit-berry-yo theme would eventually get tiresome, but the Froyo War is so on. This week, Pinkberry filed six new lawsuits against what they deem copycat frozen yogurt shops---locally, Pingo Yogurt in Alhambra, Monkee's Teriyaki in Venice, and Peachberry (now called Peachy Yogurt) in Long Beach and Gardena; and then Yoberry in Florida and Washington, and Yogiberry in Olney, Md. (Some of the froyo shops in question are above.) It was either the swirl, the store design or "filching parts of its name," according to the the LAT.

Of course, Pinkberry is no stranger to lawsuits. The company sued Kiwiberry and won a permanent injunction against that name in May, and Pinkberry was suied by a customer who didn't like not knowing what she was eating---Pinkberry settled and finally listed its ingredients. Now they're going after all the doppelgangers, and the swirly tactics definitely scare the other businesses. Maryland's Yogiberry owner said she altered the look of her shop but refused to make all the modifications: "It's business -- they have to do what they have to do. But I don't know whether it's wise for me to fight back, though I want to." That's OK honey, you're not the only one to take a few style cues from another successful froyo chain.
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